NWT Water Strategy Research Priorities: Summary of Survey Results and 2017 Workshop Discussion


The NWT Water Stewardship Strategy: A Plan for Action 2016-2020 (the Action Plan) is the current plan for how to implement the vision and goals of the Water Strategy. During development of the Action Plan, water partners identified the need to communicate specific Water Strategy research questions to researchers. The intent was to better align water-related research taking place in the NWT with water partners’ research needs. See Key to Success 2.1 H: Identify research priorities to strengthen and inform the goals of the Water Strategy.

Through a survey and discussions at the 2017 Water Strategy Implementation Workshop, water partners identified factors that make it difficult to select and prioritize specific Water Strategy research topics. Instead they identified broad research topics and recommended supporting collaborative research approaches and existing NWT research protocols. This document summarizes the 2017 research priority survey results and workshop discussions.