Launching the NWT Water Stewardship Award!


The NWT Water Stewardship Award aims to recognize and honor the outstanding individuals and organizations in the NWT who have made significant contributions to ensuring NWT waters remain clean, abundant and productive for all time.  

Water sustains life and ecosystems and acknowledging those who show exemplary dedication and leadership is vital for safeguarding water. Through this award, we seek to highlight outstanding efforts and inspire others.

Eligibility Criteria:

All nominees must be an NWT-based organization or an individual who has resided in the NWT for a minimum of one year prior to being nominated.  Additionally, the individual or organization should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Displayed leadership in water stewardship initiatives,
  2. Demonstrated passion, commitment and accomplishments that have contributed to the long-term sustainability of water ecosystems in the NWT, and/or
  3. Contributed to knowledge sharing through their work. This could include mentoring, training or relationship building.

These eligibility requirements aim to recognize and celebrate those who have made significant contributions to the vision and goals of the NWT Stewardship Strategy. 

Additional Information:

  • Nominators can submit nominations for more than one individual and/or organization. Please submit a separate nomination form for each nomination.
  • Both individuals and organizations are considered for the NWT Water Stewardship Award.

How to nominate:

Nominators can submit multiple nominations, but each nominee can only be nominated once (by the same nominator). 

Please fill out the nomination form below and send it to

The deadline to submit nominations has passed. Watch out for the next call for nominations!


NWT Water Stewardship Award Form