NWT Water Strategy Roles and Responsibilities: Summary of Water Partners' Responsibilities in the Action Plan 2016-2020

Northern Voices, Northern Waters: The NWT Water Stewardship Strategy (Water Strategy) and its Action Plans (NWT Water Stewardship: A Plan for Action, 2011-2015; and NWT Water Stewardship StrategAction Plan 2016-2020) were developed collaboratively by water partners in the Northwest Territories (NWT). Action Item 1.1 B in the 2016-2020 Action Plan calls for a summary of water partners’ Action Plan responsibilities: create and routinely update a plain language document outlining water partners roles and responsibilities for the Water Strategy and Action Plan. This document addresses Action Item 1.1 B by summarizing lead, co-lead and supporting water partners’ roles and responsibilities for the 2016-2020 Action Plan.