Youth Initiatives

Encouraging young people to be involved in water stewardship activities is an important part of the Water Strategy. Building awareness among youth on water and stewardship creates informed leaders and decision-makers of tomorrow. Although public engagement and youth outreach are often components that are built into broader water stewardship implementation activities, there are also specific education and outreach projects being undertaken.

Ecology North 2024 Youth Water Stewardship Gathering

For the past few years the NWT Water Stewardship Strategy has supported Ecology North and other water partners to host an annual youth water stewardship gathering.

For more information or questions, please refer to the poster or contact Ecology North directly using the contact details provided.


NWT Youth Water Stewardship Multimedia Contests

Between 2017 - 2020, more than 120 youth from across the Northwest Territories participated in the annual NWT Youth Water Stewardship Multimedia Contest! The spectacular collection of photos, art and video captures the many meanings of water and water stewardship to youth and their communities throughout the NWT. Youth are the future leaders of our territory and we hope that they will continue to learn and participate in water stewardship activities in their communities, region and the territory. These submissions are the images used throughout this website and in Water Strategy publications.. 

View the 2020 contest winners by clicking here!

View the 2018 contest winners by clicking here!

View the 2017 contest winners by clicking here!

NWT Youth Water Stewardship and Mentorship Grant Program 

The NWT Youth Water Stewardship and Mentorship Grant Program provides funding to youth 18 to 30 years old for projects that support the goals and vision of the NWT Water Stewardship Strategy. 

To learn more about the program follow this link: The NWT Youth Water Stewardship and Mentorship Grant Program 

There are also multiple water stewardship public education materials that have emerged from partnerships and projects since 2010. To access these resources please search under the Resources tab.