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Use Responsibly

Activities involving the use of water in the Northwest Territories (NWT) are regulated to make sure these activities do not harm the environment or people. The Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act, the Waters Act and comprehensive land claim agreements allow governments in the NWT to control activities that use land and water. These acts and agreements state the rules for what activities are, or are not, acceptable in the NWT. Other federal and territorial legislation also defines rules for acceptable activities.

Based on these rules, many activities must have permission to use land in a watershed, use the water itself, put waste in the water or change fish habitats.

Even actions not requiring permission may affect our aquatic ecosystem. True water stewardship goes beyond enforcing laws and policies. It means everyone must consider every action taken, no matter how small.

In order to make sure that water is Used Responsiblyprojects in the following two areas are being completed: