Conducting Water-related Research in the NWT

Research can improve our understanding of how water and aquatic ecosystem function, provide information about how stressors like climate change and industrial development can impact water and aquatic ecosystems, and help us shape and adapt water stewardship decisions.

Research can be done by communities, governments (Aboriginal, municipal, territorial and federal), non-government organizations (NGOs), industry, and academics (universities and colleges).

All research conducted in the Northwest Territories (NWT)—including water-related research—requires a licence or permit. Depending on the topic or location of the research project multiple research licences might be required.

Researchers should contact the relevant agencies and communities at least three months in advance of when they hope to begin their research in the NWT. To read about community perspectives on research in the NWT, click here. For more information about conducting research in the NWT, please visit Aurora Research Institute's website Access Research NWT.

To visit Aurora Research Institute's Database, click here.