Success Stories

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Tłįcho Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring Project

The purpose of the Tłįcho Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring Project is to develop and implement a monitoring program that meets the needs of the Tłįcho communities in determining how and if fish health, water and sediment quality is changing over time and whether fish and water remain safe to consume. Sampling approaches for this monitoring project is based on both Tłįcho and scientific knowledge.

Water Quality Monitoring in Tłįcho Communities

The water licences granted to the communities by the Land and Water Boards include requirements for monitoring related to sewage discharge and solid waste facilities. Staff at the Wek’èezhìi Land and Water Board has been working collaboratively with the Tłįcho communities and other government agencies to build local capacity for water-quality monitoring, focusing on the monitoring requirements of the water licences, including, sampling procedures, reporting and record keeping, and communication and interpretation of results.

Slave River & Delta Partnership

The Slave River and Delta Partnership supports community-based aquatic monitoring activities in the area of the Slave River and Delta. It involves communities in other related monitoring and research activities taking place in the region. Partners include communities, federal and territorial government agencies, Aboriginal governments, non-government organizations and academic institutions. The Partnership developed out of community concerns about upstream development on water quality and fish health.