Tłįcho Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring Project

The purpose of the Tłįcho Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring Project is to develop and implement a monitoring program that meets the needs of the Tłįcho communities in determining how and if fish health, water and sediment quality is changing over time and whether fish and water remain safe to consume. Sampling approaches for this monitoring project is based on both Tłįcho and scientific knowledge.
In 2012, the Tłįcho Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring Project ran a fish camp off an island near Wekweètì. In the previous two years the project focused on Marian and Russell Lakes near Behchokò. This project brings together Tłįcho youth, elders, traditional knowledge researchers, and scientists to share knowledge and ways to assess the health of fish and their habitat.
To access final reports for 2010 and 2011, click here .  The final  report for 2012 is coming soon.
Additional documents:
Fish guide for common fish found in the Tłįcho region, produced by the Tłįcho Government and  the Wekʼèezhìi Renewable Resources Board.