NWT Water Stewardship Education Resources Reach Far Audiences!

The NWT Water Stewardship Website Education Page offers educational resources for teachers, non-governmental organizations and others who are interested in education activities regarding water stewardship.

Earlier this year the NWT Water Stewardship Group received a friendly notice from Jessica and her tutor (Miss Seebeck) in Colorado Springs, Colorado, acknowledging the usefulness of the resources for her water project. In return, Jessica shared an educational resource of her own - Water Conservation Throughout the Home.

Kate and Suka in San Diego, California, also recently expressed interest in the NWT Water Stewardship Website Education Page and shared some new water conservation resources with the Water Stewardship Group - Water Saving Tips and How to Save Water in Daily Life. These resources provide great tips for saving water in your home!

ENR updates educational resources as they are developed and encourages you to take a look!