The Four Components

Northern Voices, Northern Waters: NWT Water Stewardship Strategy (the Water Strategy) describes broad actions necessary to achieve the vision, goals and objectives for water stewardship in the Northwest Territories (NWT).  NWT Water Stewardship: A Plan for Action 2011-2015  (the Action Plan) is based on these actions. Each action in the plan falls under one of four components of water stewardship and associated Keys to Success.


The four components of water stewardship in the NWT are:

1.0 - Work Together

Actions ensure a cooperative environment to support water managers and water partners in sharing information, building capacity and working together to achieve the vision and goals of the Water Strategy.

Keys to Success:

In order to Work Together, action items fall under four main keys to success:

1.1       Partnerships: It is essential for water stewardship and the implementation of the Strategy to develop and maintain partnerships. Partnerships can take many forms , including partnerships among decision-makers, funding partnerships and data sharing partnerships.

1.2       Information Management: Water stewardship activities, including decision-making at all levels, must be supported by accurate and current data. The Water Strategy sets out actions to enhance gathering, storing and sharing information.

1.3       Communication and Engagement

1.4       Transboundary Discussions, Agreements and Obligations


2.0 - Know and Plan

Actions support the development and implementation of collaborative research and monitoring programs. The incorporation of traditional, local and western scientific knowledge in these programs improves the collective understanding of health and diversity in the NWT.

Keys to Success:

In order to Know and Plan, action items fall under two main keys to success:

2.1       Aquatic Ecosystems, Water Quality and Quantity

2.2       Community-based Monitoring


3.0 - Use Responsibly

Actions support sound water stewardship through the development and implementation of programs, practices and guidance for environmental assessment, regulatory and enforcement processes.

Keys to Success:

In order to Use Responsibly, action items fall under three main keys to success:

3.1       Policy, Procedures and Guideline Development

3.2       Evaluate and Amend Existing Legislation

3.3       Compliance


4.0 - Check Our Progress

Actions ensure progress is made in achieving the vision. These actions include measuring and reporting progress.

Keys to Success:

In order to Check Our Progress, action items fall under two main keys to success:

4.1       Routine Checks: Develop and implement regular reviews of the Water Strategy and the Action Plan to ensure progress is being made and to adjust actions as necessary.

4.2       Formal Audits: Undertake an external review every 5th year to determine progress, identifying emerging challenges and actions requiered to deal with these challenges.