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Communication, Engagement and Outreach

Communication and engagement are important parts of encouraging public involvement in water stewardship and in keeping water partners informed and connected to activities related to Northern Voices, Northern Waters: NWT Water Stewardship Strategy (the Water Strategy).

This NWT Water Stewardship website is an important communication tool to update water partners and the public on our progress towards implementing the Water Strategy. Implementation activities, including project summaries, reports, videos, and workshops are posted under the Resources tab as existing projects evolve and new ones are initiated. Water partners are encouraged to use the website to provide updates on their water stewardship implementation activities, and to learn about other initiatives. Specific information and data from monitoring and research projects are communicated through various databases and platforms. These sources of information are summarized under the Monitoring tab.   

The Annual Water Strategy Implementation Workshops are another key part of maintaining effective communications among water partners and the public. The workshops are typically held in the Yellowknife area every fall to encourage water partners to discuss how we can collaborate, prioritize and work together to protect the water in the NWT. Summaries of the workshops held to date can be found on the publications page.

The Indigenous Steering Committee (ISC) also plays an important role in facilitating communication between their respective Aboriginal governments or organizations and the Water Strategy. As a liaison, the ISC regularly reports on Water Strategy implementation activities to their communities and governments. At the same time, the ISC also communicates water-related priorities and concerns from their respective governments and communities to water partners. ISC updates and discussions typically take place at the Annual Water Strategy Implementation Workshops, and through regular ISC meetings.

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