Listed below are educational resources for teachers, non-governmental organizations and others who are involved in education activities regarding water stewardship.  Public education staff at Goverment of the Northwest Territories, Environment and Natural Resources (GNWT- ENR) are working with water partners to implement Keys to Sucess identified in NWT Water Stewardship Strategy: Action Plan 2016-2020 (the Action Plan) under Communication and Engagement.


Northwest Territories (NWT) Teacher's Resources

These resources provide hands-on class room activities to learn more about our water and water stewardship.


Get to Know Your Watershed!

A Teacher Resource Guide for Northern Watershed Education 


Drinking Water in the NWT and the Journey of a Bottle of Water

Lesson 1- Investigating the Journey of a Bottle of Water

Student Worksheet 

Teacher's Guide

Lesson 2- Drinking Water in the NWT

Student Worksheet 

Teacher's Guide

Other Resources

Promotional Video

Backgrounder- Drinking Water in the NWT

Teacher's Road Map Drinking Water in the NWT


Pepper and the Mighty Mackenzie Activity Book 

In this activity book you will meet Pepper the sand piper and follow her on her travels up the Mackenzie River to the Arctic Ocean. Written by Ecology North. 

Pepper and the Mighty Mackenzie  


External Links 

Ecology North- Science Focus Teacher's Portal


United Nations – International Year (Decade) of Water


United Nations Eduactional, Scientific, and Cultural Organization- World Water Day


Alberta Water Portal


Project WET


Children’s Water Festival


Groundwater Foundation  -  Kids Corner


Oxfam-  World Water Resources


World Wildlife Fund- Schools for a Living Planet


Nature Canda- Water Conservation