Check Our Progress

Checking our progress towards implementing NWT Water Stewardship Strategy: A Plan for Action 2016-2020 (the Action Plan) is critical to ensure effective progress is being made in achieving the vision of Northern Voices, Northern Waters: NWT Water Stewardship Strategy (the Water Strategy) and to indicate where adjustments are needed. It is important that the evaluation criteria for checking our progress is objective, ensures accountability and is directly linked to desired outcomes and identified performance indicators. Work towards checking our progress falls under two main themes – routine checks and independent evaluation.

Routine Checks

Regular reviews of the Water Strategy and the Action Plan ensure that progress is being made and actions can be adjusted as necessary. Regular reviews will be made available to water partners on annual basis.

Independent Evaluation

An independent evaluation takes place to determine progress and outcomes of the activities under taken by the water partmers. An evaluation can identify emerging challenges and  informs the subsequent Action Plan. To access the last evaluation of the Water Strategy, click here.